Sometimes Those Who Have Less, Give More.

It’s nice to be reminded that even during the rat-race of life, we can all do little things that make a big difference. The video featured above sends a powerful message. It does a great job of shifting our perspective. Early in the video, we find ourselves thinking how awkward it would be if someone asked us to share food in the mall. Sometimes we are so self-absorbed that we miss the bigger picture. The people in this video, who had very little, were more than willing to share. We are all members of the St. George community, and we all have hard times. Hopefully we can all remember to reach out and help each other when we’re down.

Client Review – Car Accident Case

As a St. George Personal Injury Law Firm, we strive to provide excellent service to each and every client.  We believe that feedback from our clients is the primary indicator as to how well we are doing.  Below is a testimonial we recently received from one of our valued clients:

My experience with McMullin Legal Group was professional, helpful, and my expectations were far exceeded. The attorneys and staff were always friendly and understanding. Everyone was easy to communicate with and I always received a prompt call back or email with any information I needed. Anthony was knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything. I felt as though my health and well being were their primary concerns from start to finish. I appreciated the updates and feedback I received throughout the entire process. Hopefully I will never be involved in a car accident again, but if I were, my first choice in legal representation would be: McMullin Legal Group. Thanks for everything!


Press Release: St. George Police Department

In the video featured above, Sergeant Sam Despain of the St. George Police Department offers some interesting insights about the St. George Community.

St. George is growing. This requires a police department that is open to new ways of doing things. A good working relationship with the community is necessary in order for the police department to be effective. The following are a few ways that the police department is changing:

The police department has created community action teams within each geographic region of town. This program is intended to help the citizens become empowered to watch over their own communities. Another way you can become involved is by attending the “citizens academy.” It is a several week course that teaches citizens how they can be part of the solution. This course is free to the public. It runs once per year. This course gives citizens perspective on what it is like to be a police officer in the St. George area.

The 911 dispatch center services all emergency services in the St. George area. They also have reverse 911 capability. Reverse 911 allows them to get information out to a lot of people in a short period of time.

Another way that the St. George Police Department is changing is learning how to better work with professionals who are experienced in working with individuals with psychological disorders and disabilities. Learning how best to help these individuals can go a long way towards dissolving problems and aiding these members of our community.

The St. George Police Department can only be as effective as the level of trust that they have from the members of our community. They offer the following helpful tips to St. George residents about how to prevent crime:

Many of our crimes are opportunity crimes, such people leaving their purses on their seats in an unlocked car. Also, texting while driving and speeding are our two biggest causes of serious traffic accidents. It will take a change within the citizens of our communities to make a change in the rate of serious traffic accidents.

At McMullin Legal Group, we support local law enforcement and encourage members of the St. George Community to spread this message.


Utah laws are changing in an effort to keep us safe. McMullin Legal Group would like to help. We care about the safety of you and your family. Please feel free to stop by our office anytime to pick up a complimentary Bluetooth headset. Let’s keep Southern Utah a safe place to drive. ($40 Value).


Worst Driver Ever

The woman featured in this video has been deemed, “Calgary’s Worst Driver.” She was issued a citation for “unsafe backing,” and she was fined $115. This video is almost painful to watch. Further details on whether the driver was recently licensed or not have not yet been reported. Please be safe while driving in Southern Utah this Holiday season. If you see someone running into other vehicles while making a 30-point-turn in a parking lot, please alert the authorities.


-McMullin Legal Group